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The Big 2.0 – Snapchat evolves

Snapchat has finally released its big 2.0 update yesterday. And it’s massive. So many new features, so many additions. Snapchat has evolved from its original idea (short videos which automatically delete after you’ve watched them) into a mix between Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook.


It is quite likely, that this update will attract many more users – Snapchat now has an even larger edge over the competition. With all its new features, it can attract other users as well. People who originally were not interested in the short videos, now can sign on for video chat, call or sending pictures to friends (and mark them up, too).


So here are the main features:


  • Video chat – you can now talk to your friends via live video, you are not sending videos back-and-forth to each other, now it is possible to have a normal conversation via SnapChat.
  • Audio chat – a call function, just without the video. You can call your friends and family via SnapChat now too.
  • Voice notes – send your friends a quick info if you’re too lazy to type it out, or even send them a long monologue – both are now possible.
  • Stickers – can’t express your feelings in words? Now you have the option to send cute stickers instead.


These features have already existed in some way or another, but never before have they been centralised within a single app. Instead of switching from app to app, you can now consolidate all of your communication via SnapChat, which is very convenient. The best part is, you can decide how you want to communicate now. You are not required to use stickers, you do not have to send voice notes. You can chat via texts, you can send short videos, you can call people directly. Snapchat themselves have said that what they “love most about the new Chat is how easily you can transition between all these ways of communicating”.


What remains to be seen is how users react. On the one hand, SnapChat will appeal to many more users. All of these functions are very convenient, and users will now see value in SnapChat which was not there before. On the other hand, the core idea behind SnapChat (snap chatting) is no longer at the forefront of the app. Users have used other applications and tools for the additions SnapChat has included in this release, and may be unwilling to change (at least in the short run).
Either way, this new release will undoubtedly improve SnapChats standing and increase its market value as well. SnapChat has developed from a fun idea into a very complete communication system.

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