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An Interview with Matt Beatty from Spacehop – “The most important thing is to back yourself”

Housing prices in the UK have been rising continuously, especially in London. Rent both for housing and for office space has risen tremendously. During the day though, a lot of housing space remains empty – its inhabitants have gone off to work. Spacehop saw the potential here. Spacehop is an online platform that connects independent professionals and small businesses with their ideal home-office space – you work from other people’s homes! Homeowners that share their property on Spacehop benefit financially for space that would lie otherwise unutilised. Matt Beatty, the founder and CEO of Spacehop, gave us some great insights into his company.

FundingSpree: How did you come up with the idea for your startup?
Matt Beatty: The initial spark came from the realisation that a huge number of properties in London and across the UK lie empty throughout the working day, not being used, and people are paying an absolute fortune in rent and mortgage payments in the city. This got me thinking, and the idea for using these properties as a workspace just made sense.

FS: What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome so far?
MB: Personally, the biggest challenge for me was trying to get a healthy work & personal life balance. When you get involved with a startup, it totally consumes your life! It becomes the only thing you talk about or think about. This is something I’ve really struggled with, I think I’m getting better at this.

FS: Tell us about one anecdote which made your transition to working for a startup worth it.
MB: Two guests or ‘hoppers’ as we call them booked independently for the same Dalston space for 1 week. They run two entirely different businesses, one being a programmer and the other a fashion journalist. They got speaking and have agreed to do a little project together! The collaborative / community aspect to Spacehop that continues to grow has been a joy to watch and be involved with. They pair are booked into the same space again in July to get to finish their project, we will be writing a piece about it when it’s all done!

FS: Is there any growth hack you use to improve/scale your business or to make some of your workflows more efficient?
MB: Come back to me in 6 months and I’ll give you an answer to this one – still working on it.

FS: Do you have any advice for people who are thinking about starting their own company?
MB: I think the most important thing is to back yourself. Sounds like a bit of a simplistic answer but along your journey you get so many cynics and people critical of you and your business. Take the negative criticism on the chin, and know that you won’t convince everyone. Believe in what you’re trying to achieve and just keep plugging away.

FS: Which sectors do you think have the most potential for innovation right now and why?
MB: I think there’s so much more to be done with technology and the healthcare sector, particularly with regards to patient care in the community.

FS: If you will start another company, is there anything you would do differently the second time around?
MB: I think we’ve done pretty well for first timers, but yes of course you learn so much when starting your own business. I now know a few of the shortcuts if I’m to do it again.

Spacehop has just started it’s crowdfunding campaign on the Crowdcube website. It’s a strong pitch, the early traction they’ve achieved is evidence of the growing interest in the concept and there huge potential for expansion both nationally and internationally. For anyone interested you can give their pitch a read / watch here.

Big thanks goes out to the guys at Spacehop! Keep rocking!

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