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An Interview with Alexander Puschilov of viomedo – “Start with the user and her problem.”

viomedo is the largest online clinical trial platform in the German speaking region. Many patients, their caregivers and doctors use it every day in order to learn about their options within clinical trials. The online platform aggregates 2.000 clinical trials that are open for patients in Germany. Patients and their doctors receive a transparent overview and direct access to all trials, in order to consider participating in a clinical trial as a therapeutic option. This is how viomedo provides patients access to tomorrow’s medicine, today.

Alexander Puschilov, the founder and MD of viomedo, was able to give us some information on his company and his background.

FundingSpree: How did you come up with the idea for your startup?

viomedo is fueled by our strong drive to change how new therapies come to market. It was started out of an own need when trying to develop a digital therapy. We couldn’t get enough subjects enrolled in our project to fully develop the therapy. Confronted with that problem we set out to find a solution. After intense market research including interviews many patients and international industry experts we found that there was no solution. So we built it.

FS: What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome so far?

Trust. Trust is the most critical factor at viomedo. We need to convince patients to trust us with their data and develop trust in the information we provide. On the other side, we need our clients from research and the pharmaceutical industry to trust us that we, as a small and young startup, can deliver on our promises. That’s why we’re very open with everything we do. We’ve invested in encryption and certification in order to have third parties validate that our site is safe and information is unbiased. Additionally, we regularly present at industry conferences and send out updates on new features, such as the lung cancer trial search.

FS: Tell us about one anecdote which made your transition to working for a startup worth it

The first person who contacted us was a 83 year old lady 2 days after our launch. It was quite a confirmation for us to see that we indeed can reach all patients. We were also very delighted that somebody had found us without us making ourselves known.

FS: Is there any growth hack you use to improve/scale your business or to make some of your workflows more efficient?

We use exit intent popups and landing pages in order to collect email addresses and promote certain features from viomedo.

FS: Do you have any advice for people who are thinking about starting their own company?

Start with the user and her problem. Try to really understand them and walk in their shoes. You have to quickly validate if it’s an important problem and if they even realize that they have a problem.

FS: Which sectors do you think have the most potential for innovation right now and why?

Obviously healthcare. As healthcare becomes more and more consumerized and patients more and more autonomous, opportunities for new health delivery models and products are opening up. At the same time new technologies allow us to bring life sciences closed to digital and benefit from the whole digital ecosystem. I’ve just published a 5 part series about why the opportunity in healthcare is so enticing right now on my blog.

FS: If you will start another company, is there anything you would do differently the second time around?

I’d say “more focus”. I’d start by focusing exclusively on one clearly defined user segment. We launched viomedo with no focus as a horizontal platform. After a while we’ve recognized that some areas are more interesting than others and have gained more traction. Now we’re mostly focusing our efforts on these areas.


Thank you very much Alex!


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